Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sanctioned Mess!!!

I've come to realize that the best part of moving is the mess. Not only do people understand if your house is wrecked, but they kinda expect you to be a little roughed up too! (Trust me, no one will be disappointed:)

Actually, considering this is our fourth move in as many years, I think we're handling things like champs! We made a quick (9 hr!) trip to Hattiesburg last week to pick out a house. Now, we're not picky. We've had some real "winners" over the years. Our first military house had walls so thin we could hear the drawer pulls on the neighbors dresser rattle. The first time we tried apartment living, we were put under a young single. He and his girlfriend were very, um, well, - Let's just say that's when I started letting the girls go to sleep with their TV turned on for background noise. Anywho, this is the first time we've really had a selection and we were excited to see what was offered.

As soon as we drove up the drive to the fourth option, I whispered to Joey "Sign the papers." We toured the home. "Ahem. Sign the papers." He just grinned. "Seriously! Sign the papers!"

Please understand, I wasn't trying to be bossy. I just knew if we didn't find a place that day, the trip would have been for nothing. We would have to wait until the move was over and stay in a hotel until something was found. I mean, we were seriously taking a leap of faith! You believe God will work things out, but does He know your schedule? Does He know the movers will be packing up in less than a week? Does He understand the Realtors have already rented our current house to new tenants? Worry, fret, stew. How does He put up with me sometimes?

So the next day, house keys in hand, we head back to Florida. Mama is a happy camper. God has blessed us with a beautiful home. The girls are happy. The back yard is the biggest they've ever had. And it's surrounded by woods. Daddys happy, maybe because his wife no longer has that 'woman on the edge' look in her eye, but probably because he has a huge garage with work space!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did someone say SHOPPING?

We have this tradition-routine-purge-thingy that we do before every move. We open every drawer, clear out all closets, go through boxes and bags and try to sort out what we can live without and what we can't.

Seeing that my girls have grown a collective FIVE inches in less than a year, and that they no longer consider Dr. Seuss a literary genius, it was not surprising that we ended up with six overstuffed hefty bags to deliver to Goodwill. (Minus the sentimentals I couldn't bear to part with. There was plenty of "Oh, I remember when you wore this!" And "This used to be your favorite bear!" sniffle, sniffle.)

Anywho, What got my attention the most were the piles of clothes! And not just the girls, but Joey and me too. What is so interesting you ask? Get this; every single church dress my girls own is sleeveless! They only have two pair of jeans between them (Florida is too hot for bluejeans!) Everything else is short or skort!

They have no coats, gloves, or scarves, but they do have twelve bathing suits!

Joey, when he's not in uniform, lives in khaki shorts and polos. As for me, every pair of pants I own are capris or shorter. And my shoes? Let me give you a little sample;

For church -

For work -

And of course play -

My tootsies need to be free! What good is a bling-a-fied pedi if it's stuck in a shoe? I never thought moving would mean a new wardrobe. Now, I understand Mississippi isn't exactly the frozen Tundra, but a few changes will definitely have to be made. And any excuse to go shopping is good enough for me!

So, can anyone point me to the Hattiesburg mall?!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful the mess we are . . .

It's been a crazy week! Stress tries to run high, but we keep fighting it off. We've only got two weeks left before the movers come to pack us off to Mississippi. (The Army chose for us this time!) We've been trying to cram in as much 'Florida' as we can: going to the beach, re-visiting favorite restaurants, SeaWorld (the girls early birthday present). The Realtors have already started showing the house - ever tried to maintain a pristine 'open' house while planning a move? It's just not natural!

We've also had other stressers along the way:
From the big - My grandma has not been well. She may need more care than is possible to receive at home. We're just going to have to pray and trust that God will show us what is best, and that everyone in the family will find peace with the outcome.
To the 'big to some' - "Mom? Will the butterflies hatch before we move?" The girls science project is very important to them. They have cared for those little buggers since they were larvae in a jar! (I gotta wonder if those poor mail-carriers know what they're toting around half the time.)

Anyway, I heard a new song from Amy Grant - 'Better Than A Hallelujah'. It spoke such peace to my heart that I wanted to share it. Every time I listen, the world seems to stand still and cares just melt away.
I imagine my Heavenly Father looking at me, all haggard and worn, giving me a little grin and saying, "What have you gotten yourself in to now?" Then He wraps me in a loving embrace and whispers, "It's Ok, child. Daddy will make it all better."

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Friday, May 7, 2010

"I love you, Darryl MacPherson!"

(Click on cartoon.)

Ever had one of those days? I've had this old wrinkled-up cartoon on my fridge for years now. It still makes me smile.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I rolled out bed this seemingly normal morning, walked into the living room, and stopped dead in my tracks.

What I saw was this:

What I thought was, "I'm going to kill.that.dang.dog!"

There I stood - Eyes like hubcaps, jaw hanging open, and wondering if any of my neighbors were members of the local PETA chapter. Before I had time to worry about it, the girls came running out of the kitchen yelling, "Happy Mother's Day! Do you like your surprise?"

I gave them the same clueless look the guy at the photo shop gave me when I asked if he could transfer slides to digital. "What are slides? Are those the really old square things? My dad used to have some of those." But I digress.

I put on my best surprised mom face and said, "Wow! Look at that." They were so excited. Apparently they'd been up since 3 AM working on it. How could I be mad?

Turns out, they decided to give me Alaska for mother's day. Along with a sort of zoo/carnival/theme park thingy. Since we've already hit 100* this year in FL, the girl's decided I needed some snow! That was what was all over the carpet. (Alright, Buddy, you'll live to chew another day.)

My sweet girls had rolled their art desk into the middle of the living room and started to work.

There were signs, stickers, and snowflakes all over the walls and bookshelves.

They had set up a little game with the plastic cups. Of course, they couldn't wait for me to try it out. (I never did knock them all down!)

They also had a 'fortune teller'. Apparently I will either write a hit children's book, or have a designer clothing line for dogs.

And what would a snowy house in Alaska be without a roaring fire?

You may be wondering, "Why the Yule Log?" Well, for one thing, it's hot as blazes down here. And for another, the huskies and arctic foxes and polar bears (Oh, My!) had already set up residence in the actual fireplace - er, um, I mean their 'den'.

So it was a mess, but a mess with good intent. What to do?

Enter the Hero! That's right, my knight in desert camo and combat boots. My very own Darryl Macpherson!

What did he give me for Mother's Day?

He's sending me here!

A suite - with a king bed - all to myself in beautiful historic St. Augustine, FL! He even packed a goody bag for me! Oh, how I love that man of mine!!

I love my girls. I can't imagine life without them and don't remember life before them! And I'll be thinking of them fondly while I'm having a quiet, Disney Channel free weekend;)